Faith For It 2024 — Pastor Jason McCutchen

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In the dynamic “Faith For It” conference led by Pastor Jason McCutchen, attendees were invigorated by a powerful message centered on the concept of stepping out in faith, as encapsulated in the theme of “getting out of the boat.” Pastor McCutchen drew inspiration from two key scriptures to illustrate the transformative power of faith: 2 Peter 1:5 and Matthew 14:22-32. Through 2 Peter 1:5, he emphasized the importance of adding to one’s faith virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. This foundational scripture set the stage for understanding the multifaceted nature of faith and the virtues it instills in believers.

The heart of Pastor McCutchen’s sermon resonated through the narrative of Matthew 14:22-32, where Jesus walks on water, inviting Peter to join Him. By stepping out of the boat, Peter experiences the miraculous power of faith firsthand, briefly walking on water until doubt clouds his vision. Pastor McCutchen illuminated how this passage reflects the journey of believers, challenging them to overcome fear and doubt by fixing their eyes on Jesus amidst life’s storms. Through engaging storytelling and relatable anecdotes, he encouraged the congregation to embrace bold faith, reminding them that as Peter did, they too can accomplish extraordinary feats when anchored in trust and reliance on Christ.

The “Faith For It” conference left attendees inspired and empowered to embark on their spiritual journeys with renewed courage and determination. Pastor McCutchen’s impassioned message served as a clarion call for believers to step out of their comfort zones, confronting challenges with unwavering faith and trust in God’s provision. As the conference concluded, participants departed with a heightened sense of purpose, equipped to navigate life’s waters with steadfast faith, knowing that God’s power is ever-present to uphold them through every trial and triumph.

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