Mark & Ashley Ogletree

Lead Pastors

Mark & Ashley are the founders and Lead Pastors of our church. They provide visionary and biblically sound leadership, foster spiritual growth, and create a welcoming community. Together, they lead our services, offer compassionate pastoral care, and actively engage in community outreach and service. They prioritize family ministry, providing resources and support for families within the congregation. With a commitment to leadership development, they recruit, train, and mentor church leaders, working collaboratively to achieve the church's mission. Mark serves as the Chairman of the Executive Board of Elders.

Family Ministry

Ashley Ogletree


Ashley plays a pivotal role in helping people find a sense of community and purpose while experiencing spiritual growth. She is responsible for the training and mentoring of small group leaders, that provide an atmosphere for members to connect, share, and support one another on their spiritual journeys.

Barbara Wills


Barb plays a vital role in guiding and empowering the youth in our church while creating a dynamic and engaging environment, youth-centric activities, events, and studies that promote spiritual growth, fellowship, and service. Barb’s authentic leadership and her genuine connections, help our students to build a strong foundation of faith, equipping young them to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace.

Jacelynn Varbel

#IAMkids Toddlers

Jacelynn is the #IAMKids Ministry Leader for toddlers in our church, playing a crucial role in providing a loving and secure introduction to faith through each of the kid's ministry servants. Jace serves to provide age-appropriate activities, and Biblical lessons while ensuring a safe environment, and creating a foundation of spiritual growth for toddlers.

Danette Bosveld

Women's Ministry

Danette plays a central role in nurturing the spiritual well-being and fellowship of the women in our church. She is responsible for organizing events, Bible studies, and activities tailored to the unique needs of women. Through intentional mentorship and discipleship, Danette wants to encourage a sense of community, empowering women to deepen their faith, develop meaningful connections, and engage in outreach initiatives.

LeRae Hargis

#IAMkids Students

As the #IAMKids Ministry Leader, LeRae oversees the student ministry of grades K-6 in our church and plays a key role in creating a vibrant and nurturing environment for our children. LeRae’s responsibilities include providing age-appropriate curriculum, oversight of our elementary student ministry, and providing training and leadership for our children servants who foster an environment of love for God in a safe and inclusive setting.

Jodi Lee

#IAMkids Babies

Jodi is the Ministry Leader for the babies in our church, playing a key role in providing a loving and secure environment for our tiniest members. Jodi provides leadership to other servants and is responsible for ensuring the well-being and comfort of infants during church activities, which includes a nurturing space where parents can entrust their little ones. Through gentle care, soothing activities, and a warm atmosphere, parents will know their babies are in great hands.

Creative Ministry

Jason Lands

Worship Pastor

As the Creative Ministry Director in our church, Jason is the chief architect of the Creative Arts Ministry which provides a transformative worship experience. Jason is the Worship Pastor who leads our musicians, vocalists, and artists to create an atmosphere where the congregation can connect with God through music, visual arts, and other creative expressions. Jason’s leadership extends beyond the stage, encompassing the coordination of visual elements, stage design, and multimedia presentations. Jason is the Chairman of the Ordination Committee, serves as an Elder of the church, and is currently serving on the Executive Board of Elders.

Joe Kalis

Creative Content + Production

Joe is the Lead of Creative Production in our church and serves as the creative backbone of our in-house worship experiences. Joe oversees services' audio, visual, and lighting elements to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere for worship. He leads a team of servants that ensures seamless execution of services and overall production quality. Joe also assists with our creative short-form content ministry.

John McLearran

Creative Technology

John is the Technology Lead in our church, playing a crucial role in managing and advancing our technological infrastructure to support the church's mission and activities, John collaborates with different ministry leaders for the implementation and maintenance of various technological systems, both software and hardware, ensuring smooth operation and effective use of all technology to enhance the church's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Helps Ministry

Melissa McLearran


As the Helps Ministry Director in our church, Melissa works with amazing leaders who have the mission of offering acts of service and support to meet the practical needs of our congregation and community. Melissa’s goal is to maximize the servant’s efforts in our church to be effective inside and outside the walls of our building by serving others while fostering a culture of compassion as we seek to provide practical help and assistance in times of crisis with a spirit of service that reflects the love and care of Christ.

Cody Varbel

Lead Usher

Cody is the Head Usher in our church and he plays a pivotal role in creating a smooth and welcoming worship experience for our congregation while ensuring that attendees feel safe and supported throughout the service. Cody and our usher team manage the flow of people from ingress to egress, and everything in the middle, including church sacraments for an overall excellent and safe atmosphere of worship.

Mandy Lands

Food Team

Mandy is the Food Team Leader in our church who coordinates food-related activities, events, and meals, to ensure the warmth and connection that comes from breaking bread together. Mandy and her team organize potlucks, provide meals for special events, or support those in need.

Heather Kalis

Benevolence Coordinator

Heather is the Benevolence Coordinator in our church as she leads a team that is committed to caring for the widows and the orphans, by helping with things like food, clothes, finances, and other areas of need. Heather and the Benevolence Ministry Team have a servant's heart and desire to be a blessing to our church and those in the community.

Cody Adams


Cody is the Transportation Leader in our church and plays a pivotal role in ensuring accessibility for our church by coordinating transportation services. Cody organizes all logistics for church events and assists those in need of rides while ensuring a welcoming, safe environment for everyone to belong.

Jr Phy

Head of Security

JR is the Head of Security in our church and is entrusted with the crucial responsibility of ensuring the safety and well-being of our congregation and facilities. JR’s role involves coordinating security measures, training servants, vigilant monitoring, and implementing protocols to maintain a safe and secure environment during services and all other events.

Denise Dillon

Hospitality Coordinator

Denise is the Hospitality Leader in our church and oversees the setup and operation of the coffee bar, ensuring a welcoming environment where attendees and visitors can gather before and after services. Additionally, Denise helps coordinate servants to provide all on-campus hospitality efforts, offering a friendly presence and assistance for church events and activities.

LeRae Hargis

Card Ministry

LeRae is the Card Ministry Leader in our church as she leads a team that seeks to connect with and uplift members of our congregation with heartfelt cards, flowers, and other means of encouragement. LeRae and her team seek to convey the love and care of our church by sending cards for various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, baby dedications, graduations, and other times of general encouragement or support.

Marcie Flatt

Guest Services

Marcie is the Guest Services Leader in our church, and she seeks to provide a hospitable, positive, and inviting experience for visitors and regular attendees alike. Marcie and her team’s goal is to assist others, providing information and church resources, while facilitating a smooth, welcoming, and warm entry from the time they enter the church until the time they drive off the church campus.

Campus Operations

Keith Bass


As the Campus Operations Director in our church, Keith is instrumental in ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of our administration and campus by overseeing day-to-day facility operations and maintenance. Keith possesses strong interpersonal skills as he oversees all the administrative positions, manages facility logistics, and works closely with other ministry leaders to support their goals and activities. Keith also serves as an Elder of the church and is currently serving on the Executive Board of Elders.


Chris Sullivan

Lead Evangelist

Chris is IAMWC’s Lead Evangelist and he is a key part of our outreach and evangelistic efforts. Charged with sharing the gospel and inspiring a passion for evangelism within the congregation, Chris leads by example in our church, and reaching out to the community and beyond. His responsibilities include preaching the gospel, organizing evangelistic events, coordinating outreach initiatives, and equipping members with the tools to effectively share their faith.

Billy & Cassandra Rodgers

Celebrate Recovery

Billy and Cassandra are the Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leaders in our church who serve as compassionate guides for individuals navigating the journey to recovery from life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups. This husband/wife duo leads a team of ministry leaders to provide large and small support groups providing a safe space for participants to find healing and transformation through Christ-centered principles.

Jed Stevens

Hope Center Ministries

Jed is the Director of the men’s center at Rickman Hope Center, partnered with I AM Worship Church. He serves as a valuable part of our leadership to ensure that our staff provides the best pastoral care and support for the residents and their families. Jed is also an ordained Evangelist who preaches the gospel.

Accountability Board (AB)

AB Members


As members of the Accountability Board, these pastors have the responsibility of providing oversight and support for the ethical and spiritual integrity of our pastor. These men are committed to upholding the highest standards of conduct, working collaboratively to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to biblical principles in decision-making and leadership practices. The AB serves the church but is also the primary support for the spiritual well-being of our pastor while striving for complete restoration. Accountability Board Members pictured from left to right: Doug Collins, Sam Tollett, (Chairman) Mark Honeycutt, (bottom) Phil Tollett, and (Not Pictured) Mike Campbell

Executive Board of Elder (EBOE)

Board Members


Pastor Mark Ogletree and Elders Chris Gore, Keith Bass, and Jason Lands are currently serving on the Executive Board made up of rotating Elders within our church. As members of the EBOE, these men focus on strategic direction, financial stewardship, and oversight of the church's overall spiritual health and organizational policies, while also helping fulfill the duty of an Elder by aiding the Pastoral leadership in offering pastoral care to the congregation, carrying out the church’s mission and vision, fostering a culture of unity, and pouring into the Ministry Leadership Team. 

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