Who we are...

We’re a hot mess. Our church mission statement even reads, “We are a church full of authentic and imperfect people…” Most of the people you meet when you visit I AM Worship Church will be nice and friendly. But you need to know, before you come, that we are all a bunch of broken messes.

We are real people who are not perfect. In fact, perfect people are not allowed. We’re a community of people who don’t have it all together, but are discovering what it means to find life in Jesus, to follow him fully, to break free from our past, and to walk in victory together. That’s who we are.

We care about you, not what you’re wearing. We don’t care who you’re voting for in the next election or how many tattoos you have. We’re a church full of imperfect people who are coming to know Jesus and serving others together, and regardless of your story, we believe you belong!

If you’ve never been and you’re considering coming, here’s what you should expect…

What to expect when you visit...

Nice People

We LOVE it when someone comes for the first time. But, we don’t always recognize the first-time visitors because so many of the people who come are still fairly new, so feel free to say, “This is my first time” and we’ll guide you in! And we also have some things that we would like to give you on your first time here.

Casual Atmosphere

We care about YOU, not what you’re wearing, so feel free to come in jeans or whatever is comfortable. Our dress code is simple: wear something. Grab a hot cup of free coffee from our Cafe and sit where you’d like! We will NOT single you out publicly or ask you to say anything, and we do NOT expect guests to contribute anything financially.

Fun, Safe Environment for Kids

We love kids at our church. They are very important to us. If you bring your kids, you will check them in and out and can count on them learning about Christ and having a good experience. Babies and toddlers are cared for by loving volunteers. There’s a preschool room and Kid’s Church for grades one through four. All of our kids ministry volunteers must pass background checks and have a heart for kids and families.

Practical Teaching

Connects the words of the Bible to everyday life and music that is lively, including drums and guitars. Don’t be surprised when some people raise their hands as a sign of praise while singing, and don’t feel obligated to do so yourself. 

We take risks in faith and stay fast, fluid, and flexible in our approach to church. We strive to be creative and sometimes controversial by ALWAYS standing on the Word of God, never compromising. We do whatever it takes, short of sin, to find people who are far from God. We’re crazy about broken people and we’ll get our hands messy to serve others. 

Everyone belongs – every color, every shape, every personality, and people with every kind of story imaginable. We trust the Bible completely, even when we don’t fully understand it. And we value Kingdom growth and invest in multiplying new churches locally, nationally, and globally. And we do everything for the name and fame of Jesus Christ!

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