Turning The Page on 2023

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The Big Idea (Discussion Starter) 

Today we talk about transitioning from the challenges and lessons of 2023 into a new and promising year, 2024. We are to focus on the faithfulness and goodness of God in the midst of trials, and remember that every day may not have been good, but God was good every day in 2024. We are encouraged to prepare for a new season, envisioning breakthroughs, joy, peace, revival, and victory in 2024. On this last Sunday of 2024, we should look dramatically different from the last Sunday of 2023 as a testament to God’s transformative power.

Don’t Miss This Point! 

It is of utmost importance that we remember that 2023, with its challenges and trials, has been a platform for personal growth and spiritual transformation. Take time to reflect on your experiences and hardships in the past year, understanding that God’s faithfulness has enabled us to overcome them! Matthew 6:33 underscores the need to prioritize seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness, setting the foundation for a promising 2024.

Another Great Point! 

Praise and worship is the center of inviting God’s presence and power into our lives. We are to actively participate in praise, understanding that God is moved by those who engage wholeheartedly. Praise should not be a spectator activity but rather an active expression of faith and gratitude and Psalm 118:24 and 1 Chronicles 16:25 highlight the importance of rejoicing in the day the Lord has made and offering heartfelt praise to God.

One Last Point! 

Keep a focus on the desire for God’s continuous presence in the new year. The church, and us specifically, should not settle for momentary encounters with God but seek His lasting presence and transformation. Isaiah 10:24-25 symbolize God’s pursuit of enemies and failures, signifying His commitment to removing obstacles and turning difficulties into opportunities for growth and success.

Let’s Be Doers! 

We are urged to enter into a seven-day fast (meats and sweets) as a way of seeking God’s kingdom first in preparation for 2024. The fast is seen as a foundation upon which to build a successful year. We are to open our hearts and mouths to receive what God has in store for us, to remain expectant, and to embrace the new season with faith and determination. It’s time to shake off the negativity, division, and fear of the past, choosing to enter 2024 with a positive mindset, praise, and expectancy for God’s goodness and breakthroughs.

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