Christmas Eve @ I AM Worship

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The Big Idea (Discussion Starter) 

This week we focus on true worship and encountering Jesus! Coming to church should be about encountering Jesus and offering Him genuine worship, not just fulfilling an obligation. The story of the wise men seeking and worshiping Jesus is an example of how true worship requires a journey, dedication, and ultimately falling in love with Jesus.

Don’t Miss This Point! 

Worship should be the primary focus when coming to church. It’s not about the church show, the building, or even the people; it’s about encountering and worshiping Jesus. In Matthew 2:2, the wise men asked, “Where is he that is born King of the Jews?”… this question highlights their intention to worship Jesus, and it serves as a reminder for us all to have the same focus when coming to church.

Another Great Point! 

Worship requires a journey and commitment. The wise men followed a star for a considerable amount of time, not knowing how long it would take to find Jesus. This illustrates the idea that true worship may demand perseverance and dedication, even when we don’t know how long it will take to encounter Jesus.

One Last Point! 

It is vitally important to truly see Jesus when we worship! What we see when we worship depends on our perspective and focus, and when we come with a heart devoted to worshiping Jesus, we will see Him as our source of peace, joy, health, grace, and everything we need in life.

Let’s Be Doers! 

Fall in love with Jesus and experience a deeper encounter with Him through worship! For those of you who may have been coming to church without truly knowing Jesus, you are encouraged to take a step forward and commit to a relationship with Him.

This Christmas message aligns with our entire church philosophy built around the importance of encountering Jesus personally, and the call to develop a deeper relationship with Him. You are encouraged to focus on Jesus rather than external distractions and to commit to a journey of worship, aligning with the church’s mission of fostering spiritual growth and a deeper connection with God.

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