All I Need Is A Miracle

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The Big Idea (Discussion Starter) 

This week, we discuss the pursuit of miracles in our lives! This is made evident with the story of Mary… a young girl engaged to be married, who received a miraculous message from the angel Gabriel about giving birth to Jesus. 

We need to remember that miracles often come with a cost, and we must be willing to embrace God’s plan, even when it disrupts our own desires and ambitions. 

There are three prerequisites for experiencing miracles: failure, favor, and faith. 

Be encouraged to understand that failure can be a stepping stone to God’s miraculous work, that favor is the divine preference that enables God’s plan, and that faith is essential for pleasing God and receiving His miracles. We are invited to make room for Jesus in our lives, just as Mary did in the stable, even when the circumstances seem messy or imperfect.

Don’t Miss This Point! 

Failure is an absolute prerequisite for experiencing miracles. Failure does not disqualify you, rather it’s often a necessary step toward God’s miraculous intervention. Failure is the line that separates our human limitations and God’s power. Be challenged to view failure as an opportunity for God to work in your life and to remain faithful even when facing difficulties.

Another Great Point! 

Let’s talk about the concept of favor and its role in receiving miracles. God’s favor is not just for specific individuals but a vital part of His divine plan to accomplish His purposes. The story of the innkeeper’s response to Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay highlights how favor can be unexpected and life-changing. You should be encouraged to not be envious of God’s favor in others’ lives but to trust that God’s favor is unique to each person and enables His plan to unfold.

One Last Point! 

Faith is an absolute prerequisite for miracles. Notice the parallel between the Christmas story and your life when God works for you in unconventional ways. Be encouraged to embrace God’s plan even when it doesn’t align with your own expectations, as Mary did when she gave birth in a stable. It underscores the importance of having faith in God’s ability to bring about miracles, even in challenging circumstances. Hebrews 11:6 underscores that faith is essential for pleasing God and receiving His miracles.

Let’s Be Doers! 

You are invited to make room for Jesus in your life! We challenge you to be open and available for God’s plan and miracles, even when the circumstances seem imperfect or challenging.

Be encouraged to trust God’s timing and plan, recognizing that His miracles may not always align with your exact expectations.Ultimately, you are being called to cultivate your faith, embrace favor, and view failure as an opportunity for God’s miraculous intervention. Embrace miracles in your life by understanding the prerequisites of failure, favor, and faith, making room for Jesus in all areas of our lives, and to continue to trust in God’s unique plan, even when faced with imperfect circumstances.

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